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Luxury Housing
Luxury Housing

Owning a luxury home is the dream of every person and it is not merely a status symbol. Though status plays an important role in it, it is more about enjoying all the comforts that you could think of in your home. In India, the term ‘luxury’ is often misused by residential project developers, as you can see almost every second project being termed as a ‘luxury project’, while all they offer are basic amenities. So, before getting into the nitty-gritties of the entire ‘luxury’ scenario in India, let us first define what exactly classifies as a ‘luxury’ property.

Space: It is a very important part of any luxury home. For a property to be branded as a luxury home, it needs to be at-least a 3Bhk with attached washrooms and balconies in every room. And, according to this rule, a 1 or 2Bhk residential unit however big it might be, cannot qualify for the luxury tag. A large hall, a dining room and an expansive kitchen form an integral part of the entire setup. A store room and servant’s room is a recent addition to a luxurious residential unit.

Location is the key: A luxury property is located close to the heart of the city or important tourist places. Also, it should boast excellent connectivity across the city. The physical infrastructure of the area should be characterized with the presence of wide roads with fewer or no traffic issues.

Floor to Ceiling Height: It might not sound an important feature but technically speaking, it is really important to determine whether a property is ‘luxury’ or not. The floor-to-ceiling height for a ‘luxury’ residence should be more than 12 feet. Whatever be the other facilities offered, if this specification is not met, then the ‘luxury’ component of the residence will not be fulfilled.

Security: Enhanced, state-of-the-art modern security facilities should be installed in the house. Besides human security in the form of round-the-clock security personnel, electronic surveillance units should be installed in each and every corner of the property. The above mentioned points are some of the features of a luxury house. So, next time when you go searching for a luxury property, you should keep the above points in mind lest you might end up getting duped and lose your hard earned money.Nowadays, demand for luxury houses is rising and developers are incorporating interesting technological innovations to their projects in order to attract a niche set of clientèle. Hence, the market of such luxury houses will only grow and get bigger in future.