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Ireo The Grand Arch
Ireo The Grand Arch

The Grand Arch from Ireo is designed to be Gurgaon's new milestone residential project. Spread across 20 acres of land, The Grand Arch's interesting design and utilization of state-of-art-technology and gadgets will set unrivaled benchmarks of luxury, convenience and comfort. As a real estate developer with pan India presence, Ireo is focused on reliably conveying superior quality, value and service that have never been experienced by Indian home buyers. The Grand Arch is really made to accomplish the luxury class of living. 

Where? At The Grand Arch, obviously! The famous Arch pinnacle at The Grand Arch isn't just special all things considered; it is likewise the world's tallest residential arch. Think about the best arches on the planet – Arc De Triomphe in Paris, The Gate at DIFC in Dubai, or India Gate Memorial in New Delhi. The Grand Arch overrides them all in measurements with its 82 m height and 67 m width. 

Truly, the arches and the towers have been an approach to show the building greatness of the occasions. The Grand Arch as well, in that light, has made a past filled with sorts – by taking an architectural jump in residential space. The arch' denotes a plan advancement that upsets the towers like the origin of apartments and gives a notable touch to apartment living. The structure is supported by eight 33 m trusses, each weighing a massive 60,000 kilograms. Raising these trusses at a height of 65 meters was a difficult task. The process included 150 people, two 40 MT tire mounted water powered blast cranes, 160 MT crawler mounted cross section blast crane, two 10 MT winches and six redirection pulleys. That is only a brief look into the sort of outrageous building that has gone into the creation of homes in the Arch tower. 


  • Gurgaon's first temperature controlled pool 

  • Completely programmed 10-pin lane bowling alley 

  • Le Club is THE LARGEST apartment suite club in the city with a developed region of 30,000 sq. ft. 

  • A dedicated barbeque cabana on the pool deck. 

  • Universally acclaimed Warren and Tricomi Spa and Saloon 

  • 24×7 ambulance

  • An air-conditioned shuttle service is given to residents to drive to close by areas 

  • Quick Response Team guarantees the wellbeing and security of families 

  • Attendant service 

  • A snooker room, an eatery, a show kitchen (for cookery classes), a soundproof studio, a computer game room, a small scale theater and a rooftop top sit-out