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Ireo Corridor
Ireo Corridor

At the Ireo Corridor the boundary of a home extends beyond its four walls to include a self-contained ecosystem of essential amenities sports facilities and a grand socializing hub. With a house comes a certain kind of lifestyle. Imagine you lived in a large vibrant community that included state of the art sports and fitness center with amenities for health, education and shopping, green open spaces and a spacious clubhouse for recreation. Your lifestyle would then allow you the comfort and convenience, to make fitness, relaxation, recreation and socializing a part of your daily life. However if you were living in a standalone housing complex sans other facilities keeping up with your recreational needs and social commitments would be a perpetual challenge. At the corridor, Ireo creates a holistic environment to play, shop, socialize, avail medical help and even indulge in quiet meditative retreat within the precincts of your home. In short you find the time despite your hectic lifestyle to lead a wholesome life.


Ireo Corridor sector-67 gurgaon offers the scale of the project that creates space for various amenities with its massive 37.5 acer spread the corridor would be one of the largest condominiums in the city integrating 10 acre of contiguous green, 10 acre zone for community amenities including 5 acre standalone school complex and much more. The robust social and physical infrastructure within the development will include sports facilities, school, hospital, shopping center and an essential amenities in a township level development. Residents of the corridor would enjoy a healthy and socially active lifestyle. For health and fitness enthusiasts, the corridor would be a mini sports city with the widest array of indoor and outdoor sports amenities including football, tennis, futsal, basketball and swimming pool. The fitness trails with distance markers would lit the joggers and marathon runners and keep track of their daily work out for those who love to socialize. The 2-storeyed clubhouse would offer a plethora of entertainment and leisure options including restaurants, banquet halls, spa and a meditation center. Pedestrian roads charter through the 10 acre expanse of contiguous greens within the development will provide convenient access from residences to school, hospital, retail and recreational zones.


Imagine living in an ecosystem like that, you could walk up to your kid’s school or the grocery store through clean green pedestrian zones avoiding the traffic. A range of sports including cricket, football, basketball, squash and tennis would be just away with a grand clubhouse within walkable distance. You would never fall short of time or occasion to socialize and celebrate, and a leisurely stroll through the green would lead you to the meditation center for some quiet time alone.


At the corridor, it is not just a dream home but also a dream lifestyle come true.