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Elevated Road on Dwarka Expressway
Elevated Road on Dwarka Expressway

As we all know that Gurgaon is coming up with the Longest flyover in NCR on Dwarka Expressway, a 9 km stretch from the Delhi-Haryana border to the Basai railway over-bridge in Gurgaon. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) this week invited tenders to build this elevated, 8-Lane corridor which will come up over the 6-Lane main expressway that is still under construction. The flyover is part of an upgrade plan that the NHAI is rolling out across the entire km span of the road. Around 80% of the road will either comprise flyovers or underpasses. Out of the 28 km stretch, around 23 km would be an access-controlled expressway and the existing surface road would primarily be used as a service lane and for local transport.

Now, after reading this, you must be wondering about what an elevated road is? So, let us help you to understand an elevated road and it’s benefits to society. Below are some questions and answers that will help you:

      Q. What is an elevated road?

  1. A highway especially planned for high-speed traffic, usually having few intersections, limited points of access or exit, and a divider between lanes for traffic moving in opposite directions.

      Q. What benefits does an elevated road bring?

  1. An elevated road brings smooth transportation of the city which leads to less traffic jams, faster goods delivery and better infrastructure. Especially in the peak hours, when city traffic boost and will lead to jams it will avoid that.

      Q. What’s new in the elevated road on Dwarka expressway?

  1. Elevated road on Dwarka Expressway is the longest elevated road in the city, with 8.5 km of distance. It has only two exit points - one at the Badarpur and other at Pataudi road. Which leads to the movement of traffic on the road to be free from any hindrance. Traffic will move freely on the elevated stretch and below the highway too. It will have several pedestrian subways in this package. These pedestrian subways will be similar to the ones constructed at IFFCO Chowk.

Now, as you know what an elevated road is and how it can help you to make your life easy. It’s highly recommended that you start investing in all kinds of commercial and residential projects developing on Dwarka Expressway and get the best return on investment in near future. 

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